The Asociación Española de Festivales de Música Clásica (FestClásica) is a non-profit association that brings together the most important music festivals held in Spain in ancient  and classical music as well as contemporary music.

More than thirty six music festivals are members of this association. Between them they hold annually more than 1000 concerts and form a broad network of musical activities where thousands of musicians perform to a wide public of both national and international audiences. 

In FestClásica  we share a passion for music  and an ambition to create an open atmosphere where musicians can connect with their listeners. We help to bring about an interchange of ideas which provide updates with the latest news to our members and offer to promote and circulate information about our festivals both on an international level and within Spain.

FestClásica is a full partner of the European Festivals Association (EFA), the international organization some of our members already belong to in their own right.

We intend to create a platform to advertise and promote classical music in our country. We count on new festivals joining us in order to contribute to this evergrowing project.

What we do..

  • FestClásica safeguards its members’ interests and forms links for a better use of financial resources, sponsorships, programming and scheduling.
  • FestClásica offers information about the associated festivals, coordinates contacts and foments cooperation and co-production between them.
  • FestClásica provides legal and administrative support and maintains a forum to encourage the interchange of experiences, co-productions and everything related to the organization of events.
  • FestClásica encourages the hiring of Spanish performers and supports young talent.
  • FestClásica promotes and rewards research into ancient Spanish music heritage as well as the work of contemporary composers, always linked to public performance.
  • FestClásica fosters contacts among its members to broaden experience.
  • FestClásica holds training activities for festival programmers, for the young and the more experienced, where experts and recognised proffesionals will guide them.
  • FestClásica encourages its members to reflect on the purpose of culture and art in society and to take part in open debates on cultural policies.

Our meetings and events..

  • FestClásica arranges two general assemblies a year to which representatives from the associated festival members are invited and encouraged to attend. These assemblies are held in different locations according to the members’ requests.
  • The Managing Board of FestClásica meets likewise in different locations whenever need or requirement arise.
  • FestClásica maintains contact with public institutions so as to pass on official information from them to its members.
  • FestClásica, being a national association, is equally associated as a full member with the 
European Festivals Association (EFA). Therefore, we participate in their meetings in the European debating forum on music, dance and other cultural activities.
  • Festclásica promotes a positive stance among the associated festivals regarding immigration and cultural diversity. Given the festive nature of the festivals themselves, it encourages the meeting of different cultures and peoples.
  • FestClásica is a platform for the cities that hold the festivals, many of them with an outstanding historical heritage and a clear cultural inclination.
  • Board of Directors

    PRESIDENT: Oriol Aguilà
    VICE PRESIDENT: Valentina Granados
    TREASURER: José Manuel Aceña
    SECRETARY: Montse Faurà


    Daniel Broncano
    Patrick Alfaya
    Jorge Culla
    Manuel Ferrand


    Marta Barrecheguren

Contact us

Marta Barrecheguren

(+34) 639 977 746


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