1 de March de 2017 al 30 de April de 2017

Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla-FeMÀS

Held in March-April
Festival Director: Fahmi Alqhai
web: www.femas.es
Contact: Phone +34 955 471 302
Email: festivalmusicantigua@sevilla.org

The Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla, which has been held every year since 1983, consolidates the authentic calling of Seville to music as no other event does. It provides a link between past and future and brings together memories of the city from the first years of democracy in its council halls with the desire to reinterpret itself through the creative talent of its artists. So Historicism, a movement that flourished in Europe at the time and continues to grow even today, takes shape in Seville in the Festival as an extraordinary and pioneering experience. Edition after edition great figures and interpreters of Ancient music have come to visit.
It is also a link between generations. The Festival has been the key scenario which has witnessed the birth and nurturing of successive musicians and ensembles of Ancient music who make today’s Seville one of the most dynamic centres of production, training and transmission of this genre worldwide.
A link between music and the city, it brings together in its programme the sound and artistic heritage of the sites where it is held.
Each edition of the Festival is also an invitation to discover or rediscover the city, a proposal to live it intimately and enjoy it intensely.
A link between the genres, FeMÀS has always been a festival open to new proposals, to dialogues between periods and genres, between music’s periods and her protagonists, with dance and the theatre. Concerned both with the training of young musicians and attracting new audiences, FeMÀS pays special attention to programming parallel activities.
In the end, it is a link between people, FeMÀS is at each edition a meeting point between artists, the public, professionals, teachers, producers, luthiers …. and year on year it welcomes ever more friends to Seville, the City of Music.