1 de July de 2017 al 31 de August de 2017

Festival de Música de Canarias

Held in July and August
Festival Director: Benigno Díaz Rodríguez
web: www.festivaldecanarias.com
Contact: Phone +34 928247442/43
Email: info.festival@canariasculturaenred.com

The International Music Festival of The Canary Islands has been a musical encounter for 33 years that was designed by the Regional Government of the Canary Islands with an eye to enhancing their cultural attraction and boost the prestige of the Islands on the international scene.
The great variety of Festival scenarios due to the geographic dispersal of the islands, its artistic quality, the mild climate – it is the only festival to be held midwinter in Europe – its noteworthy organization and, of course, the high regard with which it is held by its public have all made the International Music Festival of The Canary Islands a landmark of cultural excellence.
The Festival has managed to bring its public even closer with greater accessibility thanks to opening up new venues throughout the islands and widening the programme so as to satisfy differing artistic sensibilities. At the same time, it intends to place the artistic and creative potential of the Islands at the forefront by promoting musicians from the Canary Islands in its programme.
In over 88 concerts the Festival has offered its local audience and those visiting a wide repertoire of music, both chamber and symphonic, from Ancient music right up to today’s compositions.
In its last edition 600 musicians from all over the world performed in 49 scenarios in 28 towns throughout the Islands interpreting more than 70 works. A wide selection of local musicians performed in these concerts: 14 soloists, 3 chamber ensembles, 5 orchestral formations and 8 works composed by Canary islanders.
Concerts to celebrate the third edition of the ‘Sigue la música’ Project were held as part of the Festival. There young musicians took to the streets of the eight islands and later came together to offer the general public a free concert.