1 de July de 2017 al 31 de July de 2017

Festival de Segovia

Held at Easter and in July
Festival Director: Teresa Tardío
web: www.festivaldesegovia.org
Contact: Phone +34 921 46 14 00
Email: secretaria@fundaciondonjuandeborbon.org

The Festival de Segovia (FS) continues to enthral its audiences with the best musicians worldwide who have left in their wake unforgettable concerts. It is a festival which promotes great young talent from today’s musical scene as the editions of its emblematic Chamber Music Week and its prestigious Youth Festival go to show. This year it offers a programme which delves into the popular roots of Spanish music, celebrating the very quintessence of our culture with flamenco, which is always present in our Festival, as well as jazz, fusion music, choral music or dance. Everything we live and dream about in an ever-changing present that can neither throw off memories nor disregard surroundings nor the way form evolves.

Our concerts are held in sites full of history, where it took place, where the acoustics is spectacular, such as San Juan de los Caballeros, the Zuloaga Museum, the Cathedral, the Patio de Armas the Halls of the Alcázar, and other large locations such as the Plaza del Azoguejo, which will hold a sizeable audience, as well as in more secluded courtyards and gardens. They are all dressed out so as to help bring moments of emotion to the audience in a city born for living art.