Tenth anniversary: Festclasica database

25 May, 2017 · Publicado en News

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Asociación Española de Festivales de Música Clásica-FestClásica (2007-2017), we are pleased to announce the launching of FestClásica’s own DATABASE, a truly extraordinary tool designed for the music sector in Spain. It will systematically bring together all the required information from FestClásica’s festival programmes held in the period between 2007-2017.

The Project itself has been financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport , and has counted on the collaboration of Scherzo magazine.

The FestClásica DATABASE, to be found on the FestClásica website (http://hemeroteca.festclasica.com/ ) places at the users’ disposal access to some 33,000 registers. The search engine is organized under several headings which allows use of the following filters if so desired:

•    Concerts
•    Works
•    Performers

It is a webtool open to possibilities of growth and further development over time, and can be expanded for searching other content listings including audiovisuals, and constant updating with new information (concerts) as it becomes available.

***We recommend the use of Chrome navigator with the FestClásica DATABASE.