Our association

FestClásica is currently made up of 45 festivals in 16 of Spain’s autonomous communities, which organise more than 1,000 concerts by 11,000 artists each year for 450,000 visitors, creating more than 700 direct jobs.

The Asociación Española de Festivales de Música Clásica (FestClásica), which is a non-profit professional association, has served as the main promotion and dissemination platform for Spain’s biggest classical, early and contemporary music festivals since 2007. 



FestClásica unifies the sector and speaks on its behalf. It encourages members to reflect on the vital role of culture and art in society, as well as the importance of participating in the debate around cultural policies. The associaton also helps foment socioeconomic development in the cities and settings where its festivals are held, showcasing their historic heritage and culture and establishing a positive, open atmosphere where diversity and integration are encouraged.

FestClásica is a forum that fosters cooperation and co-production between festivals, creating synergies and providing a space for people to exchange ideas and experiences relating to festival organisation. It builds partnerships between member festivals to allow them to make better use of their financial resources, sponsorships, programmes and calendars, as well as offering training activities for association members.

The association is committed to promoting Spanish music and musicians, helping them improve their professional prospects and disseminating Spain’s musical heritage. The annual FestClásica Festival Tours reflect the association’s dedication to Spanish music and artists, ensuring that emerging groups are given an opportunity to perform at member festivals and raising the profile of music composed in Spain through their concerts.

At FestClásica, we are passionate about music and keen to create an open atmosphere between artists and audience members. We encourage people to exchange ideas, provide information and support to our members and promote our festivals both in Spain and abroad. FestClásica is a full member of the European Festivals Association (EFA), an international organisation whose members include some of the festivals in our network in their own right. 

Meetings and gatherings

FestClásica holds two general meetings each year, bringing representatives of member festivals together. These meetings are held at different venues upon request by our members. 

The FestClásica Governing Board meets as often as necessary to properly monitor the progress of its activities, either online or at different venues.


Representing the cultural and arts sector

FestClásica’s trustworthiness has positioned it as a representative of the sector in interactions with public institutions and Spain’s main cultural organisations and associations. It also represents Spain in Europe as a full member of the EFA (European Festivals Association), where it participates in assemblies on the European debate surrounding music, dance and other cultural disciplines and activities. 

Governing Board

President: Pere Bonet
Vice-president: Carmen Esteban
Treasurer: José Manuel Aceña
Secretary: Mario Prisuelos

Oriol Aguilà
Patrick Alfaya
Manuel Ferrand
Carmen Mayo
Daniel Tarrida

Marta Barrecheguren