FestClásica Festival Tours

FestClásica supports Spanish music and musicians through its Festival Tours programme, encouraging the recruitment of Spanish performers and the participation of emerging talents in the festival network

The Asociación Española de Festivales de Música Clásica organises the FestClásica Festival Tours annually to publicise and promote the presence of Spanish performers on the festival scene and facilitate collaboration between member festivals. There are two types of Festival Tour, which reflect the programmers’ interests, the current music scene in Spain and the association’s commitment to promoting young talent: Emerging Ensembles and FestClásica Hallmark. Selected projects (one per tour type) receive a sum of money to help with production costs and expenses and perform a series of concerts at several of the FestClásica member festivals the following year.  


FestClásica Hallmark Tour

The aim of the FestClásica Hallmark Tour is to promote new music initiatives with an international presence via the festival network. It is co-produced by FestClásica and the selected group, who will perform their work exclusively at the contracting member festivals throughout the year. The winning group for the 2023 FestClásica Hallmark Tour is Jorge Jiménez y Tercia Realidad with their show El violín de Farinelli [Farinelli’s Violin], which showcases the role of the castrati through transcription for instrumental ensembles. Once again, this edition received support from the Asociación de Grupos Españoles de Música Antigua (GEMA).


Emerging Ensembles Tour

Meanwhile, the aim of the Emerging Ensembles Tour is to identify exceptionally talented young groups for promotion within the FestClásica festival network. Anacronía have been selected for the 2023 FestClásica Emerging Ensembles Tour with their show El clásico continuo: la Sociedad Bach-Abel [The Classical Continuum: the Bach-Abel Society], which includes works by Juan Oliver y Astorga, a Murcian composer whose itinerant lifestyle took him to London as part of the Bach-Abel Society.